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Welcome to Canter, the first horse magazine dedicated exclusively to the horse's place in the history and culture of our world.

While other horse magazines focus on the practical side of horse ownership, Canter is your resource for everything else you want to know about horses. In each issue of Canter, you'll find articles that appeal to your curiosity, your imagination, and your artistic eye. You'll read about the great horse cultures of the world, about the warhorses of the past and the work horses of the present, and about equestrian art and artists. Upcoming issues will feature horse-related travel destinations, profiles of famous horses in history, horse art and collectibles, fiction and poetry, chronicles of the world's horse breeds, and information about how horses have contributed to the development of human civilization throughout the world. Most of all, Canter Magazine will explore the unique relationship between people and horses, and the ways in which the history of horses is uniquely linked to the history of our own species. Buy your copy today!

In our latest issue: Although 125 years of cherished sentiment may say otherwise, the 15-hand horse of uncertain breeding known as Comanche was not really the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand. No one has much to say about the rest of them, though—a few other horses, a pair of canines—all of whom have been so blotted out by the 7th Cavalry's most celebrated survivor that they are barely remembered at all. Buy your copy.

Horse people are more than just riders and trainers.

You are a horse person, so you already know this. Since the age of, say, six, you have loved horses. Everything about horses. Your lifestyle is more than just trail riding, showing, or working your horse in the round pen. You are also a traveller, a collector, a reader, maybe even an amateur historian. You want to know everything about horses everywhere, not just the ones living in your own barn.



A&E/The History Channel - Warhorse Video

From Ancient Egypt to World War II, here is the complete history of the world's most important fighting animal. 2 volumes; 200 mins.

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Canter Magazine announces the planned publication of "Collected," an anthology of equine art, fiction, and poetry. Read More.

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